Roosevelt Daniels, III

Roosevelt Daniels, III is a passionate and skillful political strategist, and organizer. Daniels has worked in several political capacities: Deputy Political Director Hillary For America, National Surrogate Outreach Director Sylvester Turner for Mayor (Houston, TX) District Director for Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee and Government Affairs Director for the City of Jackson. Daniels also has experience developing communications strategies for both sides of the aisle. Daniels has engineered several successful electorate expansion strategies most notable expansion strategy U.S. Senator Thad Cochran to defeat his Tea Party challenger.

Daniels held his first major leadership role in 2008 where he served as one of the State Political Directors for Obama for America. Upon the historic election of President Obama, Daniels was afforded the opportunity to work for the Democratic National Committee and was later appointed to be the 2012 Obama for America State Director for Mississippi. Roosevelt was tasked with the responsibility of fostering and maintaining political relationships.

While serving as the Government Affairs Director Roosevelt decided to put his skills and relationships to practice and became a quick study at the Mississippi State Legislature. Roosevelt learned the appropriations process and forged relationships with key committee chairmen and with the Lieutenant Governor’s Office. Daniels’ understanding of politics and grassroots organizing led him to be consistently successful for the City of Jackson.  Procuring millions of dollars for infrastructure projects and crime prevention programs. The was also selected to serve on a special working group committee to create U.S. Department of Transportation bond surety program for minority contractors.

One of Daniels greatest accomplishments was the launching of “Cutting for Confidence.” Cutting for Confidence is a community service project where he partnered with corporations to provide haircuts for young men. Daniels aspires to uplift the less fortunate of society by providing access to opportunities. Roosevelt is a graduate of Hampton University where he holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science.

James Patrick Creghan

Jim is a strategic partner that represents decades of experience and directs many of the targeted lobbying plans and assignments for African, Mid East and South Asian countries. Jim maintains excellent federal relations with the Senate, House, executive and administrative agencies. He is responsible for implementing policies, planning work procedures and the company’s compliance program for federal and state regulations.

Jim holds global financial and economic expertise. His responsibilities for day-to- day matters involved both public and privately held corporations. Previously, he worked for several members of the U.S. Congress, including Senator Russell Long, Senator Vance Hartke and U.S. Congressman Gillis Long. Additionally, he has a long standing working relationship with various federal agencies including EX-IM Bank, IMF, World Bank and OPIC. His experience in the Governmental Affairs field spans over 40 years. He holds a B.A. in political Science from Louisiana State University.

Honorable Clifford R. Shows (Ronnie)

Mr. Shows is a strategic partner and former Congressman from the State of Mississippi who works closely with the Blue Dog Democratic coalition in the House and is a close personal and professional associate of Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. He retains personal relationships with many members of the U.S. House and Senate, including members and staff. Ronnie has traveled internationally as a select election observer in Africa and Asia. Ronnie holds degrees in education and political science from the University of Southern Mississippi.


Dean McWilliams is a strategic partner and Texas-born, Austin-based, and nationally recognized, governmental affairs specialist Dean McWilliams’ lobbying, campaigning and fundraising skills are drawn from his twenty years’ experience working in the Texas Legislature. In 2005 the Dallas Morning News ranked McWilliams one of Texas’ top grossing lobbyists. Capitol Inside, the insiders’ news source of the Texas Legislature, has listed McWilliams as one of the top ten Impact Players in the industry.

Honored to consistently serve leaders at all levels, McWilliams was a member of the Honorary Committee for the 54th Presidential Inauguration, and served as a member of the Bush National Finance Committee. In 2004, McWilliams first earned membership on Texas Governor Rick Perry’s Lone Star Council and Texas Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst’s Platinum Council. He has chaired fundraising events for U.S. Senator John Cornyn, Governor Perry, Lieutenant Governor Dewhurst, Attorney General Greg Abbott and Texas Comptroller Susan Combs, during her term as Agriculture Commissioner. At the strategic level, McWilliams has worked on federal issues with, among others, Karl Rove and former U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez.

Family and Community: A proud fifth generation Texan, Eagle Scout and graduate of Texas A&M University, McWilliams now resides in Austin’s Old Enfield, where he and wife Andrea are raising their three children in an elegantly restored home. The McWilliams’ are generous philanthropists who were named to the 2005, 2006 and 2007 Austin American Statesman Fortunate 500 lists. They attend Hyde Park Baptist Church and serve as Sunday school teachers.


Dr. Nycole Campbell Lewis

Dr. Nycole Campbell Lewis is a graduate of the University of Mississippi, University of Southern Mississippi and Jackson State University. She is coined as a “Mississippi Homegrown Product.”

She was appointed by Governor Phil Bryant on March 14, 2012 to serve as the State Coordinator for the Teenage Pregnancy Initiative and Policy Advisor for the State of Mississippi.

 Dr. Nycole Campbell-Lewis previously served as the former Chief of Staff for the Office of the Governor Division of Medicaid in 2004-2007 providing health insurance for 600,000 families and children. In 2006, she served as the Deputy Administrator over the Mississippi Children Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), which provided health insurance for 66,000 children.

In 2003, she was appointed as an Executive Director of Delta Health Alliance to lead the Honorable Senator Thad Cochran’s Health Initiative in the Mississippi Delta.

Currently, she serves as an Adjunct Professor at Jackson State University and Belhaven University teaching in the Executive Ph.D. Program and Master’s of Public Administration Program respectively. Her favorite pastime is teaching the following subject areas: Public Policy, Research, Executive Leadership, Organizational Behavior and Program Evaluation. 

Her motto in life: “It doesn’t matter what kind of car I drive, but that I made a difference in a child’s life.” (unknown author).

She is married to Craig Stevenson Lewis and has one godchild, Alivia Madison and they reside in Florence, Mississippi.



Donna Carole Echols, Ph.D.

Donna Carole Echols, Ph.D., (ABD) and president of The Echols Group, was named one of the “Top 50 Business Women in Mississippi,” the only contract lobbyist ever selected”, and she received the “Top 40 Under 40" award for outstanding business achievements. 

Echols has a background and doctoral work in public policy administration which greatly enhances her ability to identify, define, and expand issues surrounding her clients.  Her lobbying experience is diverse in terms of working on a number of varied issues, having to develop a broad coalition of support, and sometimes going against conventional wisdom and status quo to achieve a successful end result. She has a proven ability to rapidly assess a situation, provide a workable plan of action, and develop internal and external pockets of support necessary to achieve the desired outcome. 

Donna will be a great partner with your organization to cover all of your legislative and press/public affairs needs.  Together, we can achieve great success at the Capitol with your legislative agenda. By having a lobbyist on the ground, seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day, you can rest assured that your issues will get the attention they so greatly deserve.